To make you forget your daily life by a place in full nature; by unusual huts,

Make you feel the forest and nature in a spirit of discovery,

To propose you stays in coherence with our values: conviviality, simplicity, respect of the nature and the Man,

To surprise you and to amuse you through our poetic huts, playful, aesthetic.

Authentic located in the heart of the Ardennes, between villages, forests and rivers,

That invites to the quietude, to breathe at full lungs, to sit and look around,

On the edge of the hiking trails, marked walks, the trail of Herbeumont Trail, mountain biking, …

At the center of curiosities and tourist activities: Semois, Herbeumont, Chiny, Florenville, Neufchateau, Bouillon.

An alternative tourism full of meaning and value.

We created a cooperative “Au pré de mon arbre” which supports and finances the construction of the huts. A hundred cooperators have invested and make the project live.

Thank you to all our cooperators for their trust and commitment to us!

We are also supported by the “Brasero” plan put in place by Wallonia through the Sowecsom.

An invitation to live differently.

We try to put into action, our values:

Create lasting relationships with local partners (builders, producers, craftsmen, artists …),

Propose a healthy, local, organic or fair trade diet,

Prefer the materials of recovery and second hand,

Propose simple, friendly and “nature” activities

Create a non-profit organization to raise awareness about nature and the forest in particular;

To become autonomous at the energy level;

Create a mini farm for educational purposes,

Host art exhibitions presented outdoors,

Suggest camping bivouac sites to pitch a tent or enjoy a hanging tent;

Organize seminars, courses and training consistent with the respect of nature and man in our future collective hut.