Our huts are located at the exit of the village of Martilly, in the municipality of Herbeumont.

The 3 hectare site overlooks the Vierre, hosts mainly oaks and offers varied landscapes: forest, meadow, river and village.

The site is surrounded by a Natura 2000 site. This requires special and respectful attention, but also gives a great opportunity to discover an exceptional biotope. The site also housed a small fortress Celts.

Our 10 cabins are built as 2018 to 2020.

They are built partly on stilts and at heights of 3-5 m and easily accessible. They are spaced a maximum to allow the quietude and some isolation.

We offer modular cabins depending on the public and the number of people. We have also planned the construction of a hut for people with reduced mobility.

Cabins that make you forget your daily life.

We opted for huts favoring fairy, unusual, poetic, twisted, natural.

These aspects are also developed inside the cabins giving also a focus on the fun side, surprising.